Thoughts and my Muse

Thoughts and my Muse

My vision of where I’d like the brand to be motivates me to keep creating. No one sells what I’ve been creating. I’m even surprising manufacturers when they see how I construct designs. When I design I want the construction of a garment to automatically make the person wearing it become elevated. I love when people look twice or ask where they can get it. It’s different, memorable and has a distinct design taste.

My client/muse wants to feel comfortable, but not look like they just rolled out of bed. They enjoy an active lifestyle they understand the outlet of physical activity calms their mind and keeps them sane. This lifestyle naturally means they’re more athletic in build. They understand that you can express how you feel, by how you dress and that it will get you noticed.

Every single piece that I design goes with any other piece from the capsule collections, everything will go with everything.  You can mix and match colors, cuts, you can do it all.  They’re all versatile you’ll be able to build your wardrobe with me as I grow as a brand.

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speak soon, Lee 

Founder & Designer Urban Mizfit