We sat down with creative designer and founder of Urban Mizfit Lehi Ferris to get to know more about him and the brand.

What do you do?

I sketch my ideas, chose fabric, sew the items it’s all trial and error until I’m happy with it.  I can sit at a sewing machine all day letting my imagination run wild there’s no limits on where I can take something I’m creating, I’m free to express how I want my clothes to look. I wear them out get compliments and feedback and people ask where they can get what I’ve made, it’s the reason I’m starting this brand for everyone who wants to wear what I wear.

Who taught you to design/sew?

My first lesson happened at home with my mum I wanted to help her out with sewing a pocket on a shirt.  I sewed it wrong she broke down the elements of how and why you do things, which I understood. I watched some youtube videos and from sewing a pocket I went on to sew my first t-shirt and have been designing and sewing since.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Anime, if you watch these types of cartoons their clothes are slightly extreme in design I try to bring that concept to my own designs.  I’m inspired by Japanese and Korean street wear and by the streets and architecture in France as well as their attention to the details, everything has a touch of class.


How would you describe your style?

Street wear that has attention to details that’s sophisticated, its about the fit!


Wardrobe essentials every guy needs?

Pair of jeans, well-made basic t-shirt, a dress shirt, accessories to make your basics look good and hats lots of different types.

What motivates you?

My vision of where I’d like the brand to be motivates me, I want all those good things in life, doing something I love to secure my future is what motivates me

What can we expect to see from Urban Mizfit?

I’m changing the game when it comes to street wear this side of the world. No one sells what I’ve been creating it’s different its about bringing style to street wear, its an elevated look.

Who is the Urban Mizfit customer?

My customer is someone who wants to feel comfortable, fabric choice is important to me.  It’s for those who want to look good, it’s for everyone I’m trying to change how people see ‘dressing up’ by bringing something new to the table. 

What is your goal as a designer?

To continue to express how I feel, which I showcase by how I dress, at the end of the day if it makes me happy, its all good. Every single piece that I have goes with any other piece from the collection, everything will go with everything, you can mix and match colors, cuts, you can do it all.  They’re all versatile you’ll be able to build your wardrobe with me as I grow as a brand

Last words for the people?

Get ready to clear out your closets and start fresh with me